sabato 16 agosto 2014

Chocolate, coconut and banana cake

 Dark chocolate, coconut and banana cake
Chocolate made my day again. There's no day that I don't spend thinking or tasting or talking about chocolate, it's an important part of my life. I know for someone could sounds crazy, obsessive, funny etc. The more I taste and discover new chocolates, the more I feel more thirsty to know and carry on to keep myself updated. Such a lot things to learn about tasting, I heard that it's more complex than learn about wines, but that doesn't stop me! Need just to practice and I'm sure I will be fine. The best part it's when you

sabato 14 giugno 2014

A chocolate's day in London - Un giorno di Cioccolato a Londra

London: a Chocolate's day tasting with Pablo Spaull handmade raw-chocolate
Here we are! I'm not so constant as before to share new recipes and hope you can forgive me my dear followers. So much things happening in this wonderful city, two months ago I had a chance to visit the Chocolate festival in London, to try such delicious different types of choocolate. Loved to get lost in so many chocolate's stands and discovered new brands. I have so many things to learn, the inspiration can be everywhere if we are ready to see it. I will start soon with some chocolate tasting courses, as it was in my dreams to do it since when I was 14 years old or maybe less. I was crazy for chocolate since very young and finally it's time to improve my knowledge about this. So excited to start. Started recently to taste such a good chocolate like Maison du Chocolat, William Curley, Valrona, Amedei. I noticed how my taste has been changed on these last years, If I eat chocolate it has to be a good one. I remember my past, I used to eat whole  milk chocolate bars which the quantity of sugar was more than the chocolate or cocoa. Now the second step will be to start to reconize the origin of chocolate, different flavours as a sommelier does with a good wine. Will be an amazing exercise for me and I look forward to start it. Chocolate festival made me discover Seventy% and amazing chocolatier as Paul A.Young, meet Pablo Spaull and try his absolutely delicious chocolate. I had a chance to talk with him and he introduce me to the raw chocolate World's. My favourite one it was the 72%, well balance in sugar and not too much bitter. Really raccomand you to check it out and try it! It will definetly change your way to taste the chocolate. Look forward for the next Chocolate festival on December 2014.

 That's was the delicious Pablo Spaull's chocolate bar that I instantly finished when I came back home! Cacao from Peru, handmade in Wales. 
Criollo Raw Cacao Beans
Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
Organic Cacao Butter
I also had a chance to try so many different chocolate brownies and pralines. The intresting combination for me it was the one white chocolate and basil and also the one with saffron, cardamom, pistachio and fennel, even if I'm not so fun of white chocolate, but they were so delicious! I do normally prefer a dark chocolate or a good milk chocolate with not too much sugar.
Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for next recipes.

with love,

venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Macarons au pistache et sésame - Pistachio and sesame macarons

Macarons au pistache,
sésame et fleur d'oranger.
Pistachio, sesame and orange blossom macarons.
Spring it's starting officially from today and I feel so excited to smell it in the air, watching the blue sunny sky. So many thing to do in London, looking forward for the chocolate festival! What a beautiful news for me as a chocolate crazy lover's. Walking throgh the park I can see all the spring blossom trees, that's give me inspirations for my cooking or baking experiments. I miss so much the wonderful mediterranean jasmine's smell, tipical in the spring and all over the summertime, especially in the evening, when I used to spend my time in the countryside, not too far from the sea. I tried to create mediterranean memories in a small finger food, a delicate crunchy-soft almond meringue with a smooth creamy taste of roasted sesame seed and a touch of delicate orange blossom water. Orange blossom water it's a jump to the past, it reminds me happy moments when a little 3 years old Virginia, she was waiting for her father. I was very young but I've got a good "smell-memory", like a flashback, at that time my father he was working in Lebanon and I missed him so much. Still I remember how happy I was when he came back after 6 months or more. I remember when he came back one afternoon during my afternoon nap , it was summer or late summer at that time, I believe.

venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

Devil's food cake

Devil's food cake
Indulgent chocolate temptation
Who really know me, knows how much I love chocolate. I finally decided to try this dark, melty, gorgeous cake. This wonderful chocolate smell will bring you in a perfect wintery atmosphere, especially when outside it's rainig and the only thing you want to do is to drink your hot cardamom and cinnamon black tea and chill watching at your window, listening your favourite music. I was away from my blog, so busy every day, but  it will never stop me baking or cooking, just missing the time to take pictures and relax with my laptop. Every day is a right moment to have some chocolate, but February it's perfect to do chocolate experiments, don't you think?

venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Raspberries chocolate cake

Raspberries chocolate cake
Walking slowly, breathing this cold air, such a wonderful feeling. A New Year  just started and I love this atmosphere. Waiting for the snow, I thought to start and make something who can warm our heart like a faboulos melty dark chocolate cake, with a touch of red colour which reminds me Christmas decorations (we're still in Christmas time, anyway!). Nothing beautiful than red colour, one of my favourite after purple actually! Raspeberries-chocolate combination it's so amazing.